5 Benefits of Urgent Care Centers

All across America, urgent care centers are popping up at record speeds. If you’ve been to one a few times, then you probably understand what they are all about. But for those who haven’t, here are 5 benefits of urgent care centers.

Convenience – Urgent care centers do not require you to set an appointment and generally do not have long wait times, with the average wait time under twenty minutes in urgent care centers around the country. So if you have a cold or minor issue, it is much easier to stop into an urgent care center than schedule a meeting with your primary care physician.

Less Costly – Urgent care visits are many multiples less expensive than going to the emergency room. And depending upon the facility, if they have specialists on hand for conditions which require them, the costs can be lower when working with an urgent …

The Importance of Business Credit

loan-documentsIn the same way as personal credit is a pillar of your financial value, so too is business credit a pillar of the financial value of your business. Business credit is not just important if you want to get a business loan or line of credit (though it is obviously important there), it can also be important in day-to-day business interactions. As such, establishing and maintaining business credit should be a focus for any small business owner.

Many small business owners plan never to need debt instruments to build their business. Either they plan not to grow so fast as to need it, or they plan to bring in equity partners as needed. But, no one can see the future, and what your business needs in ten years can be very different than what it needs today. As such, being prepared is never a bad thing, so that, should a …

Choosing Between a Summer Internship and a Summer Job

college intern vs. summer jobFor many college students, there is a struggle every year between the desire to pursue a summer internship, which could lead to important hands-on experience, relationship building in a specific field, and a nice entry on a resume and a summer job, which provides the opportunity to make money. And while conventional wisdom would tell you to forgo the money today for the earnings potential tomorrow, that simply isn’t always the case. So if you are deciding between these two options, here are some things to consider.

How important is making money today? This is a question which only you can answer. If your summer earnings offset your college costs and allow you to attend college, then it is obviously more important to make money and continue your education than to take the internship and drop out of school. If, however, the money is to supplement your beer fund or …

Launching an E-Commerce Website

ecommerceAfter coming up with an idea for an E-Commerce site, developing a business plan with the details of what merchandise will be offered and at what prices to ensure profitability, and registering with your Secretary of State, the next step for most businesses is actually launching the website. And though this might sound like an easy and trivial process, the website will make or break an online store. The ability to navigate, ease of shopping cart use, and appearance will all play a dramatic role in whether or not customers use your site. Here at PremierFactorySafety.com our web developers and SEO team are taking great pains to ensure visitor experience is exceptional and easy to navigate. Additionally, the costs to actually launch the site can be devastating for a start-up if there is not a specific plan in place to ensure only the essentials are implemented early on.

The first …

Third Party Occupational Safety and Health Audits

Safety PolicyWhen creating complete and comprehensive occupational safety and health policies and procedures, it is important to include some kind of third party auditing schedule within them. Third party audits help to ensure your policies and procedures remain effective and accurate as your company grows and changes. It also helps to ensure that any changes to the industry are not overlooked by your safety team in error.

Third party occupational safety and health auditors will do a complete wall to wall inspection of your facility, searching for hazards and areas of non-compliance. This Audit mirrors Premier Factory Safety audits which proactively implemented will alleviate non-compliance issues with OSHA.

The auditors will also review all accident investigations to ensure there are no areas of opportunity which have been overlooked either in the potential hazards or in the incident reporting process. With this information, your auditor will create an action plan and best …