Third Party Occupational Safety and Health Audits

Safety PolicyWhen creating complete and comprehensive occupational safety and health policies and procedures, it is important to include some kind of third party auditing schedule within them. Third party audits help to ensure your policies and procedures remain effective and accurate as your company grows and changes. It also helps to ensure that any changes to the industry are not overlooked by your safety team in error.

Third party occupational safety and health auditors will do a complete wall to wall inspection of your facility, searching for hazards and areas of non-compliance. This Audit mirrors Premier Factory Safety audits which proactively implemented will alleviate non-compliance issues with OSHA.

The auditors will also review all accident investigations to ensure there are no areas of opportunity which have been overlooked either in the potential hazards or in the incident reporting process. With this information, your auditor will create an action plan and best …