5 Benefits of Urgent Care Centers

All across America, urgent care centers are popping up at record speeds. If you’ve been to one a few times, then you probably understand what they are all about. But for those who haven’t, here are 5 benefits of urgent care centers.

Convenience – Urgent care centers do not require you to set an appointment and generally do not have long wait times, with the average wait time under twenty minutes in urgent care centers around the country. So if you have a cold or minor issue, it is much easier to stop into an urgent care center than schedule a meeting with your primary care physician.

Less Costly – Urgent care visits are many multiples less expensive than going to the emergency room. And depending upon the facility, if they have specialists on hand for conditions which require them, the costs can be lower when working with an urgent care center than a primary care doctor and their retinue of specialists because everything is done in one place.

More Accessible – Urgent care centers are generally found in the heart of residential neighborhoods, next to supermarkets and drug stores. If you have an emergency and need a doctor immediately, going to an urgent care center is much easier than going to an emergency room which will almost surely be further. And because an appointment is not needed, it is also easier to get immediate help at an urgent care center than with a primary care doctor.

More Insurance Coverage – Some urgent care centers will accept any insurance. And for those which don’t, they generally accept more than most doctor offices or hospitals. So if you are in an unfamiliar area and need medical help, going to an urgent care center is a safer bet than anywhere else that you will have coverage.

One Stop Shop – Because of the design of these centers, many can do a lot more than a primary care physician can. This can include X-Rays, MRIs, CAT Scans, blood work, and even meetings with specialists. Depending upon your need, you might want to reach out to a few urgent care centers to see if they can help you without needing to go offsite.

The next time you think about going to the ER with an emergency, consider an urgent care center. It could save you hours of waiting and thousands in costs.

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